LogoMotive Mike: The Man Who Lays the Tracks

The easiest way for a company to distinguish itself is by its logo. That’s why logo design should be truly unique, like a graphical fingerprint. But in today’s software-spoiled world, “designers” often turn out logos by the handful, relying on off-the-shelf fonts and clipart to spark a brand.

Mike Erickson always starts with a pencil. That’s right, old fashioned lead-to-paper. Since 1998, this award-winning artist has been coming up with fresh ideas to represent individual brands through color, shapes and original typography. Everything he creates can tell you something about the company it’s meant to represent. He calls this “purposeful design, or logo motive.”

As a seasoned illustrator and professional typographer, Mike is uniquely qualified to invent distinctive themes. Rather than fall into tech-dependency, he spent the last 12 years sharpening his innate sense for combining custom type with graphical mark. He understands that a logo must be describable, memorable, scalable, and effective – with or without color – to suit different applications and still generate interest. Only after he has narrowed down his concepts does he polish via computer, expertly wrapping his traditional talents in technology.

It is this tenacity and talent that makes LogoMotive logos memorable—and worthy of years of brand equity. Mike understands that logos feed virtually everything else that will come out of a company, from the product to the website. A good logo lays the tracks for quality marketing.

Mike’s logo portfolio is hundreds-deep, including identity work for major design firms and metros. He is liked and well respected in his field, having both helped and impressed with his instinctive skills. (His original fonts can be viewed at LetterheadFonts.) In an ever-expanding world of “designers” on the web, Mike stands apart as an artist.